Music News

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7th and 8th grade orchestras will present a "Rocktober" concert on Thursday, October 26 at 7pm in the MSHS Auditorium. Combined with Andersen MS and the MSHS orchestras, students will perform music by Jimi Hendrix and Bruno Mars. Orchestra students need to arrive at 4:30 for rehearsals and a pizza dinner.


Montessori News

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The 7th and 8th grade Montessori team spent the first hexter of the school year fostering leadership and teambuilding within the community through service learning and Fall Immersion.

Check out some of the awesome things they did!

Service Learning with the Omaha Permaculture


Fall Immersion- Community Building



Music News

posted Aug 24, 2017, 8:58 AM by CMS Global

Music News

In August we will hold auditions for show choir.  Anyone in 7th or 8th grade choir is invited to audition.  Please listen to the announcements for more information.

In September we will hold tryouts for the musical “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.  Please listen to the announcements for more information.  Anyone in 6-8 grade is invited to audition.

The 8th Grade Band from Central Middle School and Anderson Middle School will have the opportunity to March with the Millard South High School Band on Friday, September 15th at the home football game!  More information to follow!

Jazz Band Auditions will take place the week of September 11th.  Any Band Student in grades 6-8 are invited to audition.  Jazz Band audition materials will be posted the week of August 21st.

ELL Happenings

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Welcome back CMS students!  We are ready for an awesome year!  We have a new half-time teacher, Mrs. Andrea Lo, who is excited to work with our ELL students alongside Mrs. Doreen Nelson.   There are 33 students who come from around the world – Afghanistan, China, Columbia, Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Micronesia, Puerto Rico, Somalia, and Syria.  So, if you walk down the hallways, listen carefully and you may hear diversity growing.E:\First Weeks of School\First weeks & intro letters\icf_logo.gif

Counseling News

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CMS Counselors are now working with a different group of students based on their last name.

Ms. Corbitt is working with students with the last name A-G

Mr. McMahon is working with H-N

Ms. Williams is working with O-Z

Click on the following link for the FitGirl registration:

Social Worker- Summer Resources

posted May 15, 2017, 8:52 AM by CMS Global   [ updated Jun 8, 2017, 10:56 AM ]

Millard Summer Family Resource Information Click Here!

Summer Activities for Youth Click Here!

ELL Happenings

posted May 11, 2017, 8:07 AM by CMS Global

ELL students continue to be busy in May!  On May 4th the ELL After School group went to the Wildlife Safari out in Ashland, Nebraska.  Students enjoyed seeing the buffalo, moose, eagles, wolf, etc. in their natural setting.  This was the last event so we hope all students enjoyed and learned from all the monthly outings for 2016-2017!  We look forward to another year of the ELL After School Program next year!

In the classroom, our students have continued to create writing essays, poems, scary stories, and research projects using Google Docs and Google Slides!  Some had never been on the computer, so it was quite a learning experience for them!  We are proud to congratulate our 8th grade ELL students and wish them well at high school!  Enjoy the summer and continue to use and grow in your English proficiency!  See you next year!

Assessment Happenings

posted May 8, 2017, 7:34 AM by CMS Global

  • May: Students will again complete the MAP assessment which targets skills your child is ready to learn in both Reading and Math.

    • We will be mailing home a report at the end of the May that shows your child’s growth. Please reach out to your child’s Reading and/or Math teacher with any questions you have.

    • Discussions with middle schoolers about their growth can be inspiring and translate into motivation for continued academic effort!

Track News

posted May 8, 2017, 7:32 AM by CMS Global

Congratulations to all track participants on a successful season.  This year our teams were very competitive and we will be sending several top athletes to districts.  Please support us at our district track meet on Thursday and Friday, May 11th and 12th at Millard South.  The following student athletes will represent CMS at districts:

7th Grade

Eli Alaga

Grant Braun

Zander Chappell

Tony Danigole

Trent Gilbert

Alex Herrera

Cal Hinrichs

Joey Larsen

Phillip Meckna

Trenen Robinette

Jakob Thoms

Dayton Wenz

Henry Willenborg

Alex Wolf

8th Grade

Alan Acosta

Alex Butts

Dane Carrillo

Ayden Davis

Olin Felt

Logan Ferris

Vincent Hawkins

Obie Idris

Tae Johnson

Hale Kilcoin

Touger Lor

Jeremy McKee

Jack Nickolisen

Kiah Rasmussen

Dalton White

Oliver Woodard

7th Grade

Alondra Lopez

Amelia Dolton

Emma Shelite

Emma Schweigart

Gio Caicedo

Naila Okai

Alex Johnson

Jennifer Castle

Jacy Thompson

Kaylee McDermott

Irene Hawkins

Lilee Kaasch

Jada Haynes

Elly Vo

Taylor Hrabik

Emily Delasancha

Gabi Barrientos

Haley Dougherty

Kaylee Harger

Damiana Curtis

Lauren Jurgensmeier

Jenna Benke

Alina Ropski

Hannah Glynn

8th Grade

Skylar Wachter

Mikayla Neill

Lindsey Scholz

Peyton Weaver

Emma McClannan

Eden Ryan

Elizabeth McDonough

Hailee Wakefield

Shruti Pradeep

Gabriella Peitzmeier

Nevae’h Mountain

Jordyn Krejci

Paola Kangi-Soukpe

Emma Sorrell

Hailey Revord

Katie Galgerud

Lauren Woodard

Charlotte Kiper

Rachel Klimantas

Music News

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On Tuesday, May 9 at 7:00 there will be a concert in the gym.  The groups performing will be 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 7M/8th Grade Orchestra

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